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I have always been fascinated by colors. I have drawn on the walls of our living room as a little girl, bringing scorns from my mother and adoring sighs from my grandmother.

I’ve rummaged through my mother’s makeup stash as a youngin, playing around with her lipsticks, even using her mauve lipliners on my eyes to experiment and create looks. 

I love how empowering makeup can make us feel. We have the liberty and freedom to create whatever looks we want, from every day wearable to night time glam, to something truly bold and colourful. Buying makeup for me, is like walking down the aisle in a candy store, but somehow, even better.

What urged me to create Roumèr Cosmetics, was the glaring gap in the cosmetic industry in India.

While I was studying in the US, my friends were constantly telling me to bring them certain brands and makeup products that weren’t readily available in India.

I wished to bridge that gap and start a brand here, for the people, by understanding their wants and needs closely, by keeping in mind our diverse culture and skin tones and the products and colours that would complement us all.

I have put a handful of stars in my products, for the diva, who is YOU

Roumèr Cosmetics wishes to empower women, men and people from all walks of life. At Roumèr, we believe that makeup truly is for everyone.

No rules. No stereotypes.