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How to create a wearable warm toned smokey eye

January 10, 2019

How to create a wearable warm toned smokey eye

Our ICED COFFEE Eyeshadow palette is the perfect palette to create a wearable warm toned smokey eye. It has 7 buttery mattes, 3 foiled metallics and 2 extra smooth satin shades. 


1. Prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer or with your concealer to ensure longevity of the eyeshadows. Set your eyelid after priming with the shade Creamer (true bone color) to ensure a smooth base for your eye makeup.

2. Use a fluffy blending brush and a light brown shade to build the transition/crease area - any of the following colors would work : (Hazelnut, Cappucino, Tiramisu)

3. Use a slightly more tapered blending brush to add some more definition to your crease by using a slightly darker shade than your transition shade. (Shades Mocha and Americano are great for this) 

4. Use a synthetic shader brush/flat brush to apply any of the shimmer shades across your eyelid. We personally believe that the shimmer shades apply best with your fingers. 

5. Next, take the shade Espresso and add definition to the outer V of your eye socket. This will help add depth and smoke out the eye look. 

6. Keep blending the shades to make sure they look seamless, add more shimmer after blending, if required. 

7. Use a pencil brush, to smoke out your lower lash line with any of the brown shades you feel would tie the entire look together. Mocha and Americano are great options for this. However, if you want a more dark smokey look, then the shade Espresso can also be added to the lower lash line. 

7. Highlight your brow bone and inner corner using the shade : Whipped 

And, VOILA - there you have it, a warm toned wearable smokey eye. This eye look can be tweaked depending on your personal preferences. 

Our ICED COFFEE Eyeshadow palette is perfect for beginners, as our shades are easy to use and super blendable.